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Hapkido is the Korean martial art of self-defense. It is based upon three principles: Harmony (Hwa), Circle (Won), and Dynamic (Lyu).

Hapkido incorporates various hand strikes, kicks, joint locks, pressure points, body throws, breakfalls, rolls, ground defense, weapone defense, and so much more.

Hapkido means the way of coordinated power. Hapkido is based upon the water principle. When water flows towards a rock, it flows around the rock. Likewise, the Hapkido practitioner goes around an attacker.

In addition, the Hapkido
practitioner takes the attacker’s energy (hard), absorbs it (soft), and then uses it, as well as his own energy to defend an attack (hard).  The true Hapkido practitioner exposes or creates a weakness in the attack via off-balancing. Hapkido techniques do not rely on physical strength. This makes it possible for someone smaller to defend himself/herself against a larger


Come learn the sword art of Chung Suk Kuhapdo founded by Chongsanim Lim, Hyun Soo of the Jung Ki Kwan in Daegu City, South Korea.

Chung Suk Kuhapdo is a Kuhapdo style created by Grand Master Lim Hyun Soo. Kuhap stands for a cutting act while standing up from a sitting posture. In America it is translated it as quick display of the sword. It is different from the art of fencing. In Kuhapdo, the sword is always in the sword case, meaning a carrying victor. It does not permit the misuse of the sword.

An essential quality of Kuhapdo training is to reach the true spirit of sword of swordsmanship by developing a good personality and politeness towards others.

Kuhapdo emphasizes a mental expression, not an outside looking expression, believes that it is necessary to take a serious view on courtesy and that one must use sword in a right way.

Students practice with wooden swords and scabbards to begin. A sword uniform and wooden sword and scabbard is required to particpate. These are available for purchase at the school.

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